Jackson "Xykrotik" Harris

๐Ÿ”Š Sound Designer | ๐ŸŽผ Musician | ๐ŸŽง Audio Engineer

Unity + FMOD Implementation (Pine Hearts)

Unreal Engine 5 Interaction SFX Implementation Demo

A small batch of some of my favorite unique creature prep/call sounds I've done!
Unfortunately, I can't disclose which sound is for what creature just yet ;)

Portfolio spanning years of professional audio work outside of game audio:



Hi, I'm Jackson, also known as Xykrotik on the interwebs. I'm a sound designer, musician, and audio engineer for a lot of different media, but I mainly focus on video games!
Whether it's drawing inspiration from Sci-Fi video games like Metroid, Hyper Light Drifter, and Titanfall, creating lush atmospheres of ambiance, or creating quirky and wholesome noises for cartoony games, he can guarantee a sonic experience like no other.
I'm currently working with multiple indie developers on their upcoming, first-time releases. I am incredibly humbled and fortunate to be able to help shape the sonic experience of these games and bring an immersive and engaging envelopment of sounds to those who play them.Outside of audio, I enjoy a finely brewed cup of coffee or tea, astronomy, and bouldering.

Previous Clients


Advent GuardLead Sound DesignerSound Design, Dialogue Design, Cohesiveness among sounds from multiple designersCarbyne Games2023
Creature KeeperSound DesignerCreated 100+ unique creature, NPC, attack, spells, interaction, and general sound effects,Fervir Games & Graffiti Games2023
Honor of KingsSound DesignerDesignated the responsibility of creating all new sound effects for a brand-new skin (abilities and cutscene) for a SNK collaboration character. [Winner of the 2023 G.A.N.G. award for Best Audio for a Casual or Social Game]TiMi & Tencent Games2022
Casinoverse - Firework FrenzySound DesignerCreated additional, unique, sound assets to fit the overall thematic of the mobile game, including jingles, magical effects, and of course fireworks!Hyper Luminal Games, Clan Havoc Industries, Wind Creek Casinos2022
Paper PerjurySound DesignerCreation of sound assetsPaper Cat Games2023
Pine HeartsSound Designer + ImplementationCreation of sound assets, FMOD Studio implementation in UnityHyper Luminal GamesTBD
Arcanium: Rise of AkhanAdditional Sound DesignerCreation of sound assetsSupercombo Games & Netflix2021

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan


Sound Designer

Thanks to my good friend and Colleague, Jeff Brice, I had the opportunity to help shape some of the unique card effects that the player uses in game.Finding a way to create unique effects that match the card's abilities, both with and without animation reference, posed a fun & mentally stimulating challenge in order to create something that still fit the already established theme and vision of the original sound effects.

Creature Keeper

Fervir Games

Sound Designer

Working on Creature Keeper has been one of the most challenging experiences yet from a purely creative standpoint. I've had to create over 100+ unique creature sound effects, including an iconic call and attack for each creature in the game!As an avid lover of the retro era I grew up in, 16-bit consoles hold a special place in my heart. With this game utilizing a similar aesthetic to beloved classics, I made sure to utilize bit-accurate algorithms (modeled after the S-SMP sound chip) to process all creature sound effects I created, in an attempt to provide an authentically nostalgic player experience.

Pine Hearts

Hyper Luminal Games

Sound Designer

Pine Hearts is such a fun and wholesome game, made by some even more wonderful people across the pond. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them on one of their first self-published games.This project may have been the most involved for me so far. From working on the vertical slice, to delivering sounds for the final game, there's been a lot of hard work poured into the game all around.This project had me fully utilizing all of my skills as a sound designer. Jumping between Unity, FMOD, and Reaper, making sounds, testing them out in game, adjusting their parameters and scripts; rinse and repeat until things are working and usable!

Honor of Kings

TiMi Studio Group & Tencent Games

Sound Designer

I had a unique opportunity to work on a new skin for the character Tachibana Ukyo, titled Maple Frost for the massively popular mobile MOBA, Honor of Kings.As one of my first few mobile game experiences, and an avid lover of autumn time / themed things, I had a blast coming up with sound effect ideas to contribute to the cinematic and abilities for the character.

G.A.N.G. 2023 WINNER
Best Audio for a Casual or Social Game

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Fall 2022 Sound Design Reel

2021 Sound Design Reel

Spring 2022 Sound Design Reel

Sound Design Practice

A playlist of every publicly shared sound design practice clip I've done

Authentically Retro Mega Man X5 Sound ReDesign


Have a project you'd like to inquire about? Let me know! I'm happy to discuss more details with you and your team.